Statistics for Victorian Schools

The latest statistics on Victorian school education can be found in the statistical brochure, flyer and a set of Excel data cubes. These documents are produced by the Data Collections and Services Unit, Performance and Evaluation Division, within the Department.

The flyer and brochure are revised each April and July with updated data.

Statistical brochure (April 2017)

Summary Statistics Victorian Schools - April 2017 (docx - 267.96kb)
Summary Statsitics Victorian Schools - April 2017 PDF version (pdf - 405.11kb)

Statistical flyer (July 2016)

Summary Statistics Victorian Schools Flyer - July 2016 (docx - 45.93kb)
Summary Statistics Victorian Schools Flyer - July 2016 PDF version (pdf - 214.62kb)

Excel data cubes (February 2016)

The following Excel data cube files replace all of the statistical tables that were previously found in the statistical summary booklet. These are to be reissued with updated data from the February school census during the middle of each calendar year.

Schools and Enrolments (xlsx - 1.05mb)

Class Sizes (xlsx - 43.49kb)

Apparent Retention and Transition Rates (xlsx - 57.53kb)