Access to Historical Records and Public Records

Historical records once available from the Department have now been moved to the Public Record Office (PROV). These records may be of interest to:

  • Education researchers
  • Genealogists
  • School history researchers
  • General public.

The following historical records on Victorian government schools and staffing (to 1954) are now located at the Public Record Office:

  • Correspondence and building files (primary, secondary and technical schools, former Education Department, teachers’ colleges etc.)
  • School history files and publications
  • Historical teacher, staffing and establishment registers
  • Pupil registers and rolls (only a limited collection)
  • Scholarship registers
  • Textbooks
  • Education photographs.

Members of the public undertaking research who require access to this material should contact the PROV,
99 Shiel Street,
North Melbourne 3051
ph: (03) 9348 5600 or tollfree: 1800 657 452

Further information

For more information about public requests for archived school records and historical information see: