Protected Disclosure


Protected Disclosure Act 2012

The Act supports

the Government's commitment to the principles of open, honest and accountable governance and is designed to protect the public interest by:

  • exposing serious public sector wrongdoing
  • ensuring public organisations are responsible and accountable
  • protecting people who make a protected disclosure from detrimental action and ensuring their privacy.

An individual receives the protection of the Protected Disclosure Act once their allegation has been fully assessed as being a protected disclosure.

You may wish to make a complaint using the Protected Disclosure process if your complaint is about improper conduct and you are concerned that detrimental action may be taken against you for making the complaint.

If you would like to make a Protected Disclosure Complaint or if you seek to make an enquiry please contact the Protected Disclosure Officer on 03 9651 3650. You may also make a complaint to your supervisor or to the supervisor of the person you wish to complain about.

For more information about the Protected Disclosure Act, see:  Making and Handling Protected Disclosures 

Making a protected disclosure

If you wish to make a protected disclosure about the Department or any of its employees and/or officers, the Protected Disclosure Coordinator is the recommended person to whom the disclosure should be made:

Jonathan Kaplan
Protected Disclosure Coordinator
Executive Director, Integrity and Assurance Division
Level 1, 2 Treasury Place
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Phone: 03 9651 3650

Bella Stagoll
Director, Integrity
Deputy Protected Disclosure Coordinator 
Integrity and Assurance Division
Department of Education and Training
Level 1, 2 Treasury Place, East Melbourne, VIC 3002
Phone: 9651 4326 Mobile: 0414 255 348

If the Protected Disclosure Coordinators are unavailable, the below mentioned officers of the Department will take on the functions of the Protected Disclosure Coordinators and may receive and assess disclosures:

Kate Eadie
A/Manager, Fraud & Corruption Control
Integrity and Assurance Division
Department of Education and Training
41 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002
Phone: (03) 96372353

Jeevanie Amarasekera
Senior Projects Officer
Integrity and Assurance Division
41 St Andrews Place
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Phone: 03 9637 3601