What Can Parentline Do for Me?

​Parentline provides counselling, information and assistance on a wide range of parenting issues. Our calls range from parents wanting to discuss parenting ideas to parents who are struggling and finding the task challenging.

Examples of situations where Parentline counsellors have explored strategies with callers include:

'My 2 year old has lots of tantrums and I am struggling.'

'My stepchildren ignore me.'

'I feel like hitting my 4 year old, I don’t want to, but I am at my wits end.'

'I suspect that my 14 year old is seeing an 18 year old.'

'My 15 year old has hit me.'

'I read my daughter’s diary – she writes that she does not want to live anymore.'

'My 12 year old daughter is on the internet a lot and I am not sure what she is doing.'

'Child care had told me that my 2 year old is biting other children.'

'My 8 and 10 year old continously fight.'

'I am worried that my child is bullied at school.'

'My 3 year old is a fussy eater.'

While Parentline counsellors are able to provide counselling and information on a wide range of issues, Parentline counsellors CAN NOT provide Legal or Medical information. For referrals to legal information, see: Legal Services