Parentline Victoria

  • Parentline provides a statewide telephone counselling service to parents and carers of children aged from birth to eighteen years
  • Professional counsellors are able to explore a variety of issues that impact on parenting and relationships
  • Parentline can provide contact details for community services
  • Parentline respects the confidentiality and right to privacy of callers

"I often lack confidence in what I am doing so being able to talk with someone was really great for me. I did not feel put down or judged..."

"I felt a connection with the counsellor. They tailored (the call) to my situation."

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Guiding Children's Behaviour

Most parents want their children to be calm, co-operative and treat others with respect. These behaviours can be at odds with the self absorbed nature of young children. However there are some things that parents can do to guide their children in the behaviours they would like. See: Guiding Children's Behaviour

Fathers Matter Parenting Resource

This publication offers practical information for fathers on bonding with your children, everyday fatherhood, rough and tumble play and parenting after separation. See: Fathers Matter on the Parenting Research Centre's website.