Victorian Early Years Awards

The Victorian Early Years Awards celebrate the exceptional contributions that individuals and organisations make to improving the learning and development of young children and their families.

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Angela Aguado Ratheau, Early Childhood Teacher, QV Children's Centre Early Childhood Management Services: So I think the most rewarding part about working in the early years, is being a witness to the children’s love for learning. I feel like it’s the first experience they have at discovering something new. There’s just so much taking place, there’s just so much you can harness, so much potential that you can unlock. Janice Deans, Director, Early Learning Centre, Stepping Out, Finding Out, Speaking Out, University of Melbourne: You’re able to work with the youngest citizens of Australia. You’re able to work with creative amazing teachers and you’re able to be with parents on a one- to-one basis. Julie McKenzie, Playgroup Support Officer, Smalltalk in Supported Playgroups - Still Talking Transition Model, Brimbank Council: The most rewarding part about my role in early years is being able to share the journey with families. Watching that growth and being a part of that journey. I’ve been able to share the journey with parents, going right from the home environment, to the playgroup environment. So we’ve been a part of that building bridges together. Robyn Ledin (Assistant Principal) and Michelle Miller (Principal), Nurturing Room Bridges Home to School, Warrnambool East Primary School: For me it’s an opportunity to get to know the children for a start and just to see their development and just to know what a difference were making in these children’s life. And to know how proactive our programs are, and that will help them grow and reach their potential. Shellie Taia (Early Education and Care Services – Wyndham City Council) Wyndham Kindergartens -Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program and Practice at Scale, Wyndham City Council: I chose a career in the early years sector because I wanted to impact children’s lives and I wanted to make a change to our future. Waan Tardif (VICSEG New Futures and the City of Wyndham as Bicultural Children and Family Resource Officer) and Jane Yelland (Senior Researcher, Healthy Mothers Healthy Families Research Group, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Healthy Happy Beginnings for Refugee Mothers and Babies, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute: I have a passion and a commitment to best start in life in the new country for my community. Karen Heap (CEO, Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative) and Jo Geurts (CEO, Eureka Community Kindergarten Association Inc), Better Outcomes for Our Koorie Children Early Years Network, City of Ballarat: The work we do collaboratively makes a real difference to outcomes for children. Whether that’s in education or in health and wellbeing outcomes for children. I know that all of the hard work that were doing is making a difference. Tim Shaw, Executive Officer, Let's Read Wimmera, Wimmera Southern Mallee Local Learning and Employment Network : We can really put down a foundation for these kids, to develop their literacy skills and to succeed in school. Literacy is the foundation for the rest of the curriculum. I’ve got a good tag line that kids that read succeed. Rachel Webb, Early Childhood Teacher/ Director, Save the Children - Nowa Nowa Kindergarten : I’m extremely passionate about ensuring every child has the opportunity to grow and become the unique individuals that they are, whoever they want to be.

What are the Early Years Awards?

Giving our children and young people the best start in life is at the heart of the Victorian Government’s vision for making Victoria the Education State.

Early childhood is the foundation for lifelong wellbeing and learning which is why we are committed to strengthening the services delivered to children and their families.

The Victorian Early Years Awards are an opportunity to recognise services and early childhood and professionals that are leading the way to achieving this important goal.

This year's ceremony was held on at the National Gallery of Victoria on Monday 23 October 2017.

2017 award winners have been announced 

Winners for the 2017 Victorian Early Years Awards have been announced. To see the complete list of shortlisted finalists, please see: 2017 Winners

2017 Award categories

Category 1: Improving Access and Participation in Early Learning Award

This award is presented to an initiative, program or project that demonstrates outstanding achievement promoting ongoing access, participation and engagement in early learning, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged families.

Category 2: Supporting Parents to Build Their Capacity and Confidence Award

This award is presented to an initiative, program or project that demonstrates outstanding achievement in supporting parents and carers to feel confident and capable in their parenting role and actions, and to recognise their role as the first and most important teachers in supporting their child’s learning and development.

Category 3: Creating Collaborative Community Partnerships Award

This award is presented to an initiative, program or project that demonstrates outstanding achievements on how community partnership promotes a collaborative practice to support and demonstrate positive outcomes for children and families.

Category 4: Promoting Children’s Health and Wellbeing Award

This award is presented to an initiative, program or project that has demonstrated outstanding achievement promoting children's health and wellbeing.

Category 5: Early Childhood Teacher of the Year Award

This award is presented to an early childhood teacher who has demonstrated exemplary innovation and exemplary practice in early childhood education, made a significant contribution to the development and delivery of high quality early childhood education programs and/or achieved significant improvements in children's learning and development outcomes.

Award prizes

  • Winners in categories 1 - 4 receive $15,000 towards their initiative, program or project
  • The Early Childhood Teacher of the Year receives $10,000.  

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